Indicative Pricing

The following are indicative prices to Book Out the entire Guest House.

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday
$2,000 per night ($60pp for Group of 35)

Friday | Saturday | Sunday | Public Holidays
$2,500 per night ($70pp for Group of 35)

Two night minimum booking Negotiable based on additional nights

Payment Terms and Policy

To secure a booking we require a credit card guarantee to hold the booking, in addition to a Holding Deposit of $500.

Booking fee payment can be made by credit card or via internet bank transfer or cash payment.

The house will not be marked as booked on the website until the Holding Deposit has been paid. Therefore until the deposit is made we cannot guarantee your booking and it remains open.

Full fee payment is to be made prior to arrival. However cancellation policy will apply.

A credit card guarantee is agreed to be held during Guest stay. Any property damages or liabilities caused by Guests will be charged to Guest’s credit card, during or after departure.

Unless previously agreed a Late Check-out fee is payable: $100 per hour after midday of day of departure.

Seaview House is limited to the number of Guests agreed and based only on available beds. A maximum of 35 people. Fees of $100 per person per night will apply for any additional beds and / or guests staying.

Cancellation Policy

If a booking is cancelled within 21 days before check-in, then full forfeiture of Holding Deposit or fees paid will apply.

After that, cancel up to 7 days before check-in and get only 50% refund of full accommodation fee, charged to your credit card.

If no notice of a cancellation is given, the full accommodation fee will be charged to your credit card.

General House Rules and Policy

A duty of care and personal safety is to be taken at all times by all Guests while staying on the Seaview House premises.

Visitors who are unknown to the Guests are not permitted on the premises.

The premises front door is to be locked at all times. No keys are to be given to any one other than the Guests staying on the premises. Any lost keys will be charged to the Guests at $250 per room key.

Guests are not permitted in areas and rooms which are closed off to patrons such as the Office, store rooms and linen cupboards. Any additional linen or towels utilized other than what has been provided will be charged to Guest.

No alcohol is to be consumed outside of the premises, past the Balcony boundary. Our liquor Licence is restricted to within the premises only.

All music and excessive noise must be contained after midnight. Noise and music during 9am to 5pm is to kept to a minimum.

All lights and heating are to be switched off and House locked and secure before Guests retire to sleep.

Babies, young children deemed to need supervision are not to be left unsupervised.

Guests are not permitted to use the coffee machine or bar unless otherwise agreed.

No Pets are allowed unless otherwise agreed.

Strictly a NO Smoking policy in the premises including first floor balcony.

All Guests are to be acquainted with emergency procedures and exits. A list of guests staying by room is to be provided at time of arrival and placed in office as a check list.    

Exemption of Liability

Guests will have complete private use of the premises during their time of stay with no supervision by Seaview House staff. As such, Seaview Haven Pty Ltd trading as Seaview House, is exempt of responsibility and any liabilities for injuries or sickness of Guests staying or visiting Seaview House due to their own fault, recklessness, misbehavior or as a direct consequence of their own actions deemed as preventable, irresponsible and or unlawful.