Visiting Geelong and Bellarine

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Visitors have enjoyed the sights, hospitality and sea air of Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale for over 100 years. The impressive heritage architecture in Queenscliff nods to the Victorian era hotels and grand buildings, whilst the relaxed pace in beachside Point Lonsdale has been an idyllic coastal escape for families for generations.

The magnetic pull of the water still brings people to these parts. The pounding ocean to the south, Swan Bay, creates the northern boundary, and both towns overlook Port Phillip’s entrance and vessels’ comings and goings. It’s intoxicating and magic to be beside the seaside.

Besides the absence of petticoats, what has changed in that time is the many ways the region can be explored and enjoyed. Tour operators and activities immerse visitors in water-based experiences showcasing incredible marine environments. Adventures can be made by rail from Queenscliff, with heritage train rides operating daily with Bellarine Railway and a rocking (and rolling) night out with The Blues Train.

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